Progressive Patterns

August 2019

All of these photos and clips are from the Donner Pass and Carson Pass areas on the PCT.

Sunset at Carson Pass

Elephant's Back

Over Caples Lake

The intensity of the day dwindles into quietness.

Even the colors seem to be getting tired.

They give up their grip on the landscape.

Then they surprise you with one last burst,

and for a moment the earth is other worldly,

before settling once and for all into night.

Disclaimer: No colors were hurt in these photos. In fact, I had to LOWER the saturation of the yellow a bit in the second one because it looked to deep to be real!

Sierra Sunrise

In a previous post I wrote that viewing a scene through the glass surface of a phone pales to the real thing. But what if the real scene was like glass? What if the air was clear as crystal to fully reveal a landscape of life and beauty? What if for one magical minute light and sound and sky pulled you in and wrapped you in a clear reflection of our Father's love? Someday soon this earth will be remade new and every view will have more than this power.

Round Top rising behind Frog Lake at Carson Pass

Later in the day


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Crackin' nuts

Three Clark's Nutcrackers spent two days feasting and calling around our campsite. My daughter put out granola to try to coax them down to her hand but they preferred pine nuts at the tree tops.


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Video clips

I put all my clips from the trip into one video. Some parts have sound, some don't.

Nutcracker. Train tunnel. Mergansers.



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