Progressive Patterns

Beautiful Patterns

Eternity Explained for Adventists, volume 1

From worksheets at campmeeting to a small book on prophecy, the project has now fully matured into a three-part book which forms the basis for 3 weekends of presentations.

Breakthrough method!

Audiences are inspired and energized by seeing patterns that show God's spiritual meaning, rather than being made passive by rattling off a list of proof texts. The student ends up with greater faith because they see and understand a complete picture.

Three sections — three patterns

Zero to Infinity– Start from scratch and follow the universal evidence of faith, hope, and love to God and the Bible. Real world experience replaces memorizing religious repetitions as the foundation of our personal beliefs.

Patterns in Prophecy– Spiritual patterns within the prophecies themselves help us to understand God's purposes, rather than merely memorizing history and labeling the bad guys. Starting with the prophetic timelines of Adam, then Moses, then Daniel, we see that God never wanted so many delays and so much suffering, including the time of trouble and the dark millennium. This is the way to teach prophecy in these sensitive times.

Patterns of Peace– There is only one beautiful pattern of salvation, but it is illustrated in many different ways throughout Scripture. The Beatitude pattern is clearly shown in the sanctuary, the creation week, the ten commandments, the interviews with Nicodemus and the woman at the well, Ellen White's book Steps to Christ, and many other places. Base your experience on what the Savior truly teaches.

What people are saying

The comments below refer to the prophecy section of the book which was the only one presented at the Redwood, Oregon, and Washington campmeetings. Student after student praised the method of simply reading straight through the prophecies with the help of only in-text markers and charts. They said this never-before-seen method clarified the prophetic sequences in their own minds and helped them see the repeating patterns without all the clutter that gets introduced by lots of history and jumping around the Bible.

"Please bring this in the churches because it focuses on Bible-only, NOT opinion."

"This needs to be in the churches to show God is in charge."

"I love the overview presentation and fitting all things into a gap-free outlook. I love your spiritual applications since all these prophecies are about Jesus and God and love and mercy."

"This would be a good weekend seminar for our churches to help us not repeat the actions of the Jews."

"It is not another prophecy class where they are gonna pick verses from all over the place."

"I learned about keeping prophecy simple."

"I will go through the guides until I can do it blindfolded, so I can explain."

"The best lesson was how to make a spiritual connection vs only dates and history."

"Very good chart. I will use it with others."

"I like the teaching style—moving through slowly. I have done a decent amount of study of Daniel, but I am learning much in this class. It is a blessing."

"This is so rewarding!"

"You think so out of the box!"

"Thank you for keeping it simple."

"Share this with the youth!"

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