Progressive Patterns


We bury ourselves in our cities

we swamp our souls in our busy-ness

we run over each other in our speed.

This is why we do not live,

why we do not know God.

God's home is not in the black and dingy.

His palace is better than concrete and steel.

He resides in the crystals of color.

He walks among the green pines

with flowers at His feet

of yellow, purple, and pink

under the deep blue sky.

God lives, He rejoices, He exalts

in the fresh beauty of life.

And He invites us.

The Savior stretches forth His hand

into our dead domain

to save us

to rescue us

to pull us out

into the natural beauty of life

where colors play

and flowers bloom

and animals frolic in joy.

The Resurrection and the Life

calls us from the dead

to live and grow with Him.