Progressive Patterns

Lighting our own fires

I am out here in the wilderness

to be by myself

to be free of distractions

to be with God,

to be still and know Him.

I left after church.

I skipped potluck.

I avoided a graduation party.

I did this to be with God,

to be still and know Him.

Here it is only 6:00,

over 2 hours before sundown

and I have a fire going.



I am camped at the base

of a beautiful waterfall.

I paused and admired its beauty.

I thanked the Creator for preserving it.

I asked Him to slow me down,

to wind me down,

to still me that I may know Him.

So why do I have a fire going,

and so early?


Motion. Speed. Distraction.

It was the thing to do.

It entered my mind

and filled my thoughts.

Then, there was fire.

Even in the wilderness

with the intent to stop

I keep going.

All week long

I go go go.

Now I do not stop

not even when I want to.

How often at home

do I build my own fires

kindle my own sparks

of good works and necessary deeds?

How often do I surround myself

with church and family

work and play,

then breeze right through

or right past

God's presence.

The Shekinah Glory beckons me,

Jesus invites me to sit at His feet,

but the Martha in me

builds a fire, heats up the stove,

cooks a meal, cleans up,

then prepares to repeat the process

for the next meal

and the next and the next.

Jesus, please forgive me.

Invite me one more time.

This time I will be still.

I will know You.