Progressive Patterns

With Nature and With God

This is an ongoing series of articles written for the Oregon Conference eCommunique newsletter. Its purpose is to inform and inspire readers of the many scientific and spiritual benefits of getting outdoors. I also have a few other entries from which I select ideas to share in a paragraph or two. Enjoy the pictures! Share a place that you would like to see featured!


Blown by the wind

There is peace and joy in being blown by the Wind!

Yes, indeed,

there is peace and joy in being blown by the Wind!

You can jump to the conclusion

that I have resigned myself to the tumbleweed life,

but random is the wrong direction.

The Wind blows and the Spirit leads

always on the pathway of eternal purpose

fully revealed in Scripture.

Just because I stopped pretending to know the future

and have let go of planning and controlling

every little detail of my life

does not make me a tumbleweed.

It makes me a child—a child of my Father.

It makes me a Christian—a truly born again Christian,

and a babe swaddled in my Savior's arms.

With Christ as my leader,

with Christ as my Lamb whom I will follow wherever He goes,

there is trust, there is hope, there is love.

I no longer have the stress of attempting my plans to do God's will.

I no longer set out on my own to carry out Christ's commission.

Habit expands into creativity.

Pride surrenders to peace.

Logic opens itself to Infinity.

Human methods submit themselves to Divine makeovers.

Step by step, day by day,

the Spirit unfolds His plan and gives me the power to walk

with Him and in Him. (It's wonderful in here!)

Only inside His plan and on His path

can true success be experienced.

And success is not something to be achieved only at the end.

It is the hallmark of the journey that grows into the destination.

It is the companion of our days.

Success is the bubbling fountain of our inner being.

Why cling to human stress, human weakness, human ignorance?

I choose to breathe in the Breeze!

I choose to sail in the Wind!

I choose to relax in pure Power, Promise, and Wisdom

who is my God. Yes, MY God!

I will give Him my heart and my obedience.

The Wind blows where it wishes.

You hear the sound of it.

You see the effects of it.

But you cannot tell where it comes from or where it goes.

But you know Its eternal purpose.

So each one who is born of the Spirit

is blown by the Wind.