Progressive Patterns

Oregon Crest Ski Route

* As of April 2019 I am about 2/3 done. I still need to ski from Elk Lake to Government Camp. I also need to verify my proposed connecter from Lolo Pass to Lost Lake.

* I use AlpineQuest from Psyberia Software on my Android phone to download maps for offline use and GPS tracking. It is only $10 through the Google Play Store. I primarily use USGS Maps - Topo Scan and Openstreetmap - Cycle/Hike. This gives me different overviews and details when I am in the backcountry. Once in a great while I will use Bing Road Maps and Bing Aerial Maps.

* My latest KML file can be downloaded here (right click, "save target") and loaded into AlpineQuest. It looks like all features are preserved except line widths.

* Line widths: 3=trail; 5=road

* Colors: Green=safe; Yellow=caution/untried; Red=difficult/danger; Blue=PCT

* The forest service keeps some outhouses open for emergency shelters in winter. Others will be locked for winter, especially if in a private campground. There is a good chance they might be buried in snow!

* There is a chance that small buildings, such as outhouses, cabins, and shelters, might not exist or be properly located or open.

* Wait at least a day or two after the trees are cleared of snow. They are a good sign of ground conditions. As the air warms the melting snow drops off the trees and warms the ground snow, making for glops of powdery mush that tends to stick to skis, even with wax. If it stays warm for a day or two after the trees are clear, the snow tends to be heavier and more evenly packed. It should then stick less and provide faster conditions.

* In the adrenalin charged excitement of getting started, don't be fooled by slow conditions. They are not only slow, they are harder. Moving at 1mph is half speed of 2mph because it is twice the work! This fact should play a huge part of your calculations for food and time for long sections.

* Cell phone coverage is spotty on the west side of the Cascade crest (away from hwy 97). However, Verizon definitely has the best coverage. The major holes for all carriers is in the Sisters and Jefferson Wilderness areas.