Progressive Patterns


Flyers for the video series

Click here for a pdf you can print that will make two bulletin inserts. Thank you for your help!


Click here for the original worksheets I used in campmeetings a few years ago.

Click here for the worksheet I used in the Zero to Infinity presentation.



These are just rough samples recorded with limited resources to give an idea of content and teaching style so that church leaders have an idea of what to expect when they schedule a seminar.

If you can look past the technical limitations you will say an unbroken track record of well-received presentations: 3 conference campmeetings, 7 churches, and several private Bible studies. Every time most of the people stay to the end and praise the new method with glowing faces and words. They tell me they see things on a deeper level now and their understanding and confidence is greatly increased. As far as humanly possible, I can now guarantee your church will greatly enjoy and learn from either or both of these seminars and the third one is ready. Also, I am looking to work with a church (or churches) to use this as a short evangelistic series (3 weekends, or a long week) to reach out to non-Adventists and former Adventists. Regular studies would then follow by your local people. Contact me for scheduling.


Part 1: Zero to Infinity (or, Faith, Hope, and Love)


Part 2: Patterns in Prophecy