Progressive Patterns

Return to childhood – Return to innocence

Jesus said, "You must be born again."


I WANT to be born again.

I want to return to childhood, to innocence.

I want to be carefree and to be cared for.

What I want—what we want—

is to be born again,

to start over,

to push the spiritual reset button on life.

What is it about children,

what is it about babies

that make them the model of new spiritual life?

They are sweet. They are innocent.

They are open eyed trusting,

eager to follow,

eager to imitate,

content to be guided, directed, taught.

They are as leaves on the trees,

like balloons in the sky,

and as dandelions in the air,

content to float on the breeze wherever it takes them.

As long as child is with parent they are happy.

But how can that happen to me?

I am an adult!

I have duties, schedules, responsibilities!

Yes, and I have stress and ulcers

from figuring it out all myself,

from accepting as normal

the complexities of artificial living.

Jesus invites us to leave it all behind,

to "Come unto Me

all you that labor and are heavy laden,

and I will give you rest."

Where is Jesus the easiest to find?

Where is the womb of our spiritual rebirthing?

We find it after we leave the city

and the house filled with tech.

We find it after we walk down the trail

beneath the giant trees

standing like guardians over our transformation.

We find it when we break forth into plain

or summit the mountaintop

and there above us

and all around us

is the womb of an infinite God.

His power and enormity

wrap us like the love of a gentle Mother.

We bathe in the invigorating air

that floods the horizons,

and penetrates our senses with vitality.

We draw in miles of vista with our eyes

as if to concentrate the grand experience within us.

It comes to us and we stretch out towards it.

Omnipresence is letting us sample Divinity.

No flat picture, no inky words,

can contain such an experience.

I must be in the midst of enormity

to comprehend my tiny smallness.

Then, as I let Infinity do His work,

and as the Word comes to life

in the grand majesty of it all

I am born again from zero.

I am tinier than I have ever been,

yet I am connected to Omnipotence.

I am held in the awesome hands of my Father.

I am in Christ, a new creature,

old things have passed away.

All is become new.

My body is relaxed.

My spirit is calm.

My mind is steady.

My soul is filled and overflows

with abundance

with energy

with love that seeks only unbroken connection,

perfect conformity to the Spirit's desire.

"I delight to do Your will, O my God.

Indeed, Your law is within my new heart."

Forgiveness and peace,

graceful power to right my wrongs,

and creativity to start new influences,

have all come to me

through that same infinite Word that created worlds.

I have not merely read that Word,

but I have experienced its majestic expressions.

I have touched, and been touched by, Spirit.

Naked, miniscule, helpless,

holding nothing back,

I have given all of myself to God,

and He has given all of Himself to me.

He is my Father.

I am His child.

I am content.

You must be born again?

I want to be born again

and again

and again.