Progressive Patterns

Video series

The goal of this series of 8 minute videos is simple and essential: To inspire Adventists to engage in all three levels of Bible study. That is the key to unlocking the gospel in our own lives as well as being able to share it effectively with others in this anti-religious world. I want to see our Seventh-day Adventist church filled with eager students and earnest teachers!

Below is the outline of Youtube videos you can click one by one, or you can go to the YouTube channel. There will be hundreds of videos produced before this series is complete. The plan is to keep publishing several each week. Subscribe so you don't miss any! Share a flyer with friends or at church.

This series for Adventists is the companion to a similar series for non-Adventists, former Adventists, atheists, and seekers in general who want to find the truth about God and the universe based solely on evidence. In that series, Ellen White nor any other book or expert is quoted in an authoritative or commanding manner. The self-evident patterns in truth make it worthy of acceptance without threats or external forces. (Note: That series will start when the Adventist series reaches chapter 3.)

This series is intended for the church attending, campmeeting going, ABC shopping Adventist. I use Ellen White in the standard Adventist manner—not to prove the Bible, but to show that I am not making this up. In the end you will see that there is much more to our faith than a dry list of 28 doctrines and that our message comes from the patterns with Scripture itself, not from theologians or fanatical church founders.

As you follow along with these lessons and begin thinking in the same way you will find your confidence and intelligence growing. The truth will set you free from the habits that have limited your life and will set you high on a position of strength. There is no experience in the world like understanding and living the Truth of Adventism!

Come back here often as the outline grows and subscribe to the YouTube channel. Your feedback is the #1 way you can help this series improve in quality and effectiveness. See below for more ways you can help this huge undertaking.

Eternity- Singing the Song

inspiring Bible study to help end all evil in the universe

Chapter 1: Learning to Sing

This chapter explains the method behind the entire series. It is a new perspective on old truth. It shows some of the amazing benefits of studying for patterns instead of merely memorizing and filling in blanks in Sabbath school quarterlies week after week. You may find some of these lessons tedious, but I wanted to bring out lots of Ellen White quotes so that if you run into questions or objections you will have plenty of resources. The core of this chapter is in videos 8 through 11 which are based on "Mental & Spiritual Culture" in Education.

1.01) 144,000 Caged Birds

God shapes and guides our lives so that we can sing His song with the 144,000.

1.02) Your Beautiful Song

The Beatitudes lead us from dark selfishness into the glory of the sacrificing Lamb.

1.03) Singing Together

Verse by verse through the ages, the Beatitude song has been developed in the church.

1.03x) Extra thoughts

Quotes and comments explaining thinking behind videos 1.02 and 1.03.

1.04) Be A Great Singer

True education brings true independence which brings true unity.

1.05) Nature's Creative Music

We get in sync with our Creator by communing with Him, like the saints of old, in creation.

1.06) Nature Is My Cage

When I am immersed in creation my Creator inspires me with creativity.

1.07) The Cage Works for You

Abundant scientific research shows that God blesses everyone who gets into nature.

1.08) Memorize Lyrics & Notes

The first of three levels of Bible study is introduced.

1.09) Connect the Dots

A level two Bible student sees connections for themselves between various Scriptures.

1.10) Understand the Song

Level three Bible study brings students up to the mount with God where they see the big picture of redemption.

1.11) Patterns are the Key

Progressive patterns = repetition + growth + completeness

1.12) Bible Examples of Patterns

The Bible has many examples of progressive patterns, even though it does not use that name.

1.13) Patterns Penetrate Static

Patterns help us organize the clutter and clarify any seeming contradictions.

1.14) Deeper Bible Study

The Bible is not a list of doctrines, but a system of stories that teach connected truth.

1.15) Difficulties in the Bible

God's perfect truth can be understood in spite of man's imperfect words in Scripture.

Chapter 2: Circles of Life

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” The main goal of this chapter is to form a visual model of how the physical and spiritual universe works. Then we want to use that model to help us understand some key religious terms in a more practical way. Having a visual, practical model of difficult Bible teachings will help us share them with those who do not have the resources we have. Also, the basic principles laid down in this chapter will be repeated and expanded in all the future chapters.

2.01) Circles and Cycles

The universe looks like spinning circles and operates in cycles of sharing.

2.02) Source of All Circles

The Creator is a complex unity of three infinite persons living together in one.

2.03) Infinite Good Person

There are three essential qualities needed to create and explain everything.

2.04) Spinning the Circles

Moment by moment, the universe is in and of God and cannot exist apart from Him.

2.05) Spinning Smoothly

God creates things and makes them obey in painless cause and effect with each other.

2.06) Power for a Purpose

Law is the expression of what God does or will do with His power.

2.07) Power to Choose

God empowers us to exercise partial power over infinite Power.

2.08) Breaking Circles

Sin breaks the cycle of faith, hope, and love, resulting in pain.

2.09) Connecting Spheres

What did it cost Jesus to reconnect heaven and earth?

2.10) Collapsing Bubbles

Justice and compassion together end all personal and universal pain.


Please help improve the videos!

This video series is the outcome of almost 40 years of Bible study extending back to the time before I was baptized into the church as a college student in 1982. I kept amassing notes and making mental and spiritual connections, but it was not until just a few years ago that I first got the opportunity to focus on its presentation. Starting with a few basic worksheets at campmeeting I now have a book available that expounds and illustrates all the core ideas of Bible study; faith, hope, love; prophecy; and step by step salvation with the Beatitudes.

I have revised, presented, expanded, and revised some more. This video series now signifies the final level of this project. As it progresses, I will have all the concepts in three formats (books, videos, slides for presentation) for two audiences (Adventist and non-Adventist). I figure it will take at least two years to complete the project, and I want to improve it all along the way. That requires your help.

Your feedback, positive or negative, but specific, is the only way that I will know if I have touched a heart, inspired a thought, or hurt an eye/ear with a mistake. Likes and subscriptions are helpful (I need over 100 to get a user-friendly address), but your email with a sentence or two will let me know if I hit the mark or if wording or a graphic can be improved. Perhaps I need to add an extra like this one to go more in depth on something I glanced over.

I see these three video channels as good examples of short presentation styles (not necessarily their ideas): PragerU, Lineage Journey, and CSLewisDoodle. With my limited supply of time, money, and help I am trying to incorporate elements of their styles to see what works best. Let me know what works for you!

It is expensive to step up to the next level. I use whatever free clipart I can find or make. A subscription to a quality collection costs almost $200/month. At some point in the future I will need to upgrade to a higher capacity web server at $40/month. I could include video of me speaking like in PragerU and Lineage Journey, but that will require professional resources. To devote myself uninterrupted and full-time it will take $1000/month to pay rent and power. (We live frugally.) What seems the best to me is to work with a church with good video equipment to record live weekend seminars and/or 8 minute segments. Let's talk with whatever ideas you have!

My ultimate goal is evangelism with an emphasis on young adults. I am a former academy teacher and most of my former students have left Christ and the church. I'm a backpacker and I meet struggling millennials all the time. They need wise mentoring, caring friends, and a truthful explanation to the confusing good versus evil they encounter. They want to be engaged and respected. I actually worked out the faith/hope/love approach in chapter three with a former student of mine now turned atheist. Let's pray and work together to reverse this terrible trend!

I would love to partner with, and help, an established ministry instead of starting yet another. If you can help facilitate contact and communication that would be fantastic!

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