Progressive Patterns

What Camera?

What camera can capture the breeze

That floats and swooshes

Through the pine boughs overhead?

What camera can capture the cool shade

That soothes the heated skin?

The bright blue dome

That soars high above

And stretches from edge to edge

Cannot be compressed into a flat picture

Or experienced by reading words.

The bigness, the vastness,

The open souled freedom

That expands the spirit

From horizons east and west, north and south

Can only be experienced

When one plants his feet firmly in the middle

And gazes all around

And reaches out toward Infinity.

All at once one realizes just how small we are

And at the same time just how connected we are.

No, a camera cannot capture this.

Digital bits cannot soak up,

Revel in,

Wonder at,

Or rejoice over

An experience that

Lights the soul,

Inspires the mind,

Refreshes the heart,

And gives health to the body.

No, a camera cannot do any of that

No more than the ocean can be reduced

To a puddle on a dinner plate

Or all the sky be inhaled into the lungs.