Progressive Patterns

Why worship God in nature?

Why worship God in nature?

We can pray to God by our bedside.

We can worship Jesus at church.

We can be moved by the Spirit

while reading in our easy chair.

These are all good and we should not stop,

but there is a special blessing

bestowed by the Creator

when we walk with Him in His creation.

In the fresh air and cool breeze,

in the energy of the wind swept plains,

amidst the floating fragrance

of the pine forest and flowered meadow,

this is where Christ enjoys to walk.

It reminds Him of those days long ago

when He walked with His son and daughter

in the glorious Eden

in the garden of life and light and learning.

Our Redeemer desires to restore us,

to renew us to the abundant life.

Hiking in the music of nature,

listening to the chorus of birds and frogs,

of marmots and chipmunks,

undistracted by phones and tech,

this is when we hear God's voice the clearest.

This is when we are influenced

more by the Spirit

and less by self.

God is the Creator of wild country

and the walker of forests

and the viewer of grand vistas.

He invites us to be with Him,

to become like Him,

to share in His abundant life,

and be a living, kindred soul.